Green New Year’s Resolutions from Stockholm, ‘European Green Capital’ 2010

Stockholm has been designated ‘European Green Capital’ of Europe for 2010. When the new year rings in, Stockholm residents will have been inspired to make ‘green’ new year’s resolutions for 2010. Individuals can choose from among five simple resolutions, each of which can easily be implemented by anyone and, thereby, contribute collectively to make the city more environmentally friendly, cleaner and greener.

Stockholm is the first city to be designated ‘European Green Capital’ by the EU Commission in recognition of the city’s ambitious environmental efforts and goals. The new year’s celebration at the open air museum Skansen will officially inaugurate Stockholm’s year as ‘European Green Capital’ and the environment will be squarely in focus.

In advance of the new year, the city has proposed five simple new year’s resolutions to inspire residents to ‘resolve to be green’ in 2010. Each resolution illustrates how doing even the simplest things in daily life can contribute specifically to the betterment of the overall environment. For example, five bags of recycled rubbish can be converted to heat one two bedroom apartment on an autumn’s day.

The five resolutions comprise simple, environmentally friendly acts – resolutions that anyone can make and easily keep during 2010.

1. I resolve never to throw trash on the ground.
2. I resolve to conserve water.
3. I resolve to recycle.
4. I resolve to conserve electricity.
5. I resolve to take mass transit more often.

In addition to the five resolutions that have been proposed by the city, Stockholm residents can also text message their own resolutions about how they intend to act in betterment of the environment. Individuals can also go visit to share their new year’s resolutions for a greener city.

In honor of the designation as ‘European Green Capital’ for 2010, the Ericsson Globe Arena will be illuminated in green on new year’s eve. This will mark the inauguration of Stockholm’s year as ‘European Green Capital’ and encourage all residents in Stockholm to ‘think green’ the whole year. The lighting effect will be created by 670 LED bulbs powered by electricity generated from solar cells.

Would you like to know more about ‘green’ new year’s resolutions and Stockholm’s year as ‘European Green Capital’? Check out www. stockholm. se

For more information about plans for Stockholm’s year as ‘European Green Capital’ and the green theme of the festivities on new year’s eve, contact Pia Stenervall at Stockholm City Hall: 0 8-508 29 255,

Hugs, Richard Lium

Originally written and posted by Richard Lium, 28 December 2009, 12:31 p.m. Translated by Don Odom,


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