Amazon Releases Kindle App for iPad

Amazon has announced that its Kindle app is available for free download in Apple’s App Store. The app, which Amazon described as largely mimicking Kindle for iPhone, will allow iPad users to download from the over 450,000 e-books currently available for Kindle. The new app, said Amazon’s Jay Marine, also features “a beautiful new user interface tailored to the look and feel of iPad.” To that end, the Kindle app for iPad features animation and color; it has a screen-dimming option; and pag-turn animation intended to mimic the physical act of turning a page.

Source: Publishers Weekly

One thought on “Amazon Releases Kindle App for iPad

  1. Interesting article, but technology is changing so quickly it’s hard to keep up with! I think anything out there in the publishing world that will give people the opportunity to read, is GOOD… And, the more available, the more people!

    It does amaze me when I here about the number of free downloads, it seemed to double from ebook to ipad to kindle and so on. It is a changing world.


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