Who’s Got Pull in the Publishing Twitterverse

Rachel Deahl deals the answer in her article in Publishers Weekly.


One thought on “Who’s Got Pull in the Publishing Twitterverse

  1. I have to agree being honest about yourself and what you say or react to on twitter is important when building followers. And, I agree that a person can work with other twitters by talking about other things, life in general. You see, you want to their attention so they will follow you. I haven’t been doing this long but I have learned twitter alone, in my office. I learned that once a person lists you as #FF meaning favorite feed, this is a big step for the writer of writing blogs. Usually the string of names is @nancy (example) and @ so and so – So, I make sure to follow those other names, and they too end up, 70 % of the time following you. This has been one of my newest tricks which I picked up on. I do have many interests, such as Health Care, The Earth, etc., and I will give some time to those issues, hoping some of my old friends down the line might just have a twitter account. Again, twisting twitter to fit your needs, and being nice to everyone, and cutting out the bad seeds, is how one can gain new interest in their work. Besides, if it were not for twitter, and my blogspot, I wouldn’t be writing this … so I MUST SAY it works well, if you work along with other things that you love – writers love life in general, and most of us can talk about many things – I do advise people to take a trip to twitter, and get on board. During the past couple of weeks I was invited to join SheWrites.com and I have gained more friends at that spot, who one day may just want a copy of a book. Thanks for reading. Nancy

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