So You Think You Have What It Takes To Blog?

The posting TEMPTED TO BLOG on Carole Kenyon’s page on the DYSTENIUM Online Community site is just too good not to repost! Hope you enjoy it as much I as I did.

All best,

CLK - A Creative Force!


It is very compelling, in this age of instant online gratification,

for those with a communicator/writer bent, to consider every word that flies from one’s fingertips, golden.

It is with this compulsion, quite effortless, to feel some obligation to ladle every golden word,

into the open maw of the waiting, voracious, electronic masses,

To be a nonstop fount of profundity, quenching the parched throats of the captives with every twitty twitticism that ambles across one’s frontal lobe.

It is armed with this mirror reflection that I wade tentatively into the Blogosphere.

If I were to classify my personality type,

(In deference to Myers-Briggs and not employing any accredited method of personality calibration),

I would have to say that I am an introverted-extrovert.

The introverted extrovert, as defined by the “Kenyon Pigeon Hole Scale” is a person who has a basic love of

humanity, but must retreat, from them time to time into a cave or fall-out shelter, to recharge the creative

batteries. The indicator of dwindling creative resources is signaled by the lack of anything worthwhile to

share with any one, vacant staring and drooling and ones love for humanity swinging over to abject

misanthropy and loathing.

I bet, if I took a poll, I am sure I would not be alone, in my pigeon hole.

If I am to remain vital, I must retreat.

If I am to remain kind, I must be left alone from time to time…

If I am to communicate intelligently …

I must learn to shut up, turn off, tune out.

Humanity has gotten along up to this point, fairly well,

with out my non-stop input. I am not that important!!

I should know myself well enough,

After a life filled with falling down and getting up again,

To have some awareness of what does and does not work for me.

Do you know what works for you?


Can I get a witness?

I’ll be here all week folks, don’t forget to tip your waitress …

Ebbing and flowing,
Dying and growing,
Listening and learning,
And hopefully,
not forgetting,
What I’m knowing …

– clk 2/11/2011

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