THE NAKED TRUTH About Why I Missed The ALL THINGS PUBLISHING Telephone Conference Call Tonight

When I was a little boy, my mother used to tell me, “Donnie, do the surprising thing. Do the unexpected thing … Tell the truth.”

It was wonderful advice when she offered it all those years ago, but as I learned through all my subsequent miserable and sometimes inadequate attempts to live up to it, the advice can be a source of embarrassment.

There was the time in college when I was to accompany my friend, Deborah, to her sorority’s annual gala. Unfortunately, we didn’t arrive until after it was over. (I overslept.)

Then, there was the time, years later, when I was on business in Berkeley, California, and was due to fly directly from the Bay Area to Zurich for an international scientific meeting on synthetic biology. The flight was on Saturday which happened to the first of the month. Because I had forgotten to roll ahead the 30-day calendar on my watch past the 31-day mark, I thought that I had an extra day in Berkeley and my flight to Zurich wasn’t until the next day.

So, I missed my non-refundable flight to Zurich and had to tell my boss that I would be at the meeting in Switzerland a day late because “I forgot”. Not to mention having to pay for another ticket out-of-pocket for $1500.

So that brings us to tonight. Just why did I miss the ALL THINGS PUBLISHING Telephone Conference Call? Well, at 6 p.m. I laid down for what was intended to be a 15-minute nap. Past 9 p.m. when I woke up more than 3 hours later, the conference call had been over for more than an hour. So there you have it – the naked truth.

So, thank you, mom, but why on earth couldn’t you have given me easier advice to live by?

All best,

POSTSCRIPT – I want to thank my dear fellow writer and editor and colleague and all-around wonderful friend Nancy Duci Denofio for more than ably filling my high heels this evening. All reports are that it was a fabulous conference call, so let’s hope that I continue to oversleep for future calls as well!


6 thoughts on “THE NAKED TRUTH About Why I Missed The ALL THINGS PUBLISHING Telephone Conference Call Tonight

  1. Well Don, you deserve some resting time – so what if you just over slept – we kept the ball rolling. And, found some great topics for the future. Sorry you missed our conversations, Meg said she’s going to nap next Sunday – if I can from FL. I will call but if I am in the middle of some ride sliding down into some water fall, I won’t be on line. LOL You never know. Always, Nancy

    • You work like the Dickens Don, and speaking of Dickens, I found a classic poetry event on Sunday evenings and I read, “The Raven,” last night, It was quite lovely. 🙂 I am glad you are well rested. We love you, Don! Sincerely, Meg

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