Pressed for Time? “Instapaper” it!

Often during the course of a day one encounters articles on the Internet that one would like to save and read later. Saving the articles as bookmarks and finding them later (while remembering the reason the articles were of interest in the first place) can be a laborious and time-consuming process.

Enter Instapaper a neat “Read later” application that is copied directly into your bookmark tool bar.  What is superb about this application is that while the article you want to save is on the screen, scroll down to the “Read later” indicator in your list of bookmarks and the page is saved to your Instapress account which takes no more than 30 seconds to create.

When you’re ready to read the articles you’ve saved, export them as one document in Instapress which converts the document to one of three formats – print ready, Kindle or ePub (Sony Reader, B&N Nook or other epub readers). The articles are laid out as once continuous document and all advertising is stripped out making for a clean, concise and eminently readable compilation.

To get started, visit the Instapress website, set up an account (takes about 30 seconds), slide the “Read later” button onto the bookmark tool bar of your browser and Voilà – you’re ready to save links and have Instapress convert them to your personal newspaper in any of the three formats for reading, either in the form of a paper copy or as a digital file on your ereader.

To test Instapress, I saved links from three articles from three different websites. Then, I exported them to a “print ready” file for printing and reading.

The above graphic indicates the three articles that were  bookmarked for the test.

The figure below shows a detail of the integrated output using the “print ready” option.

In short, Instapaper is a great, easy-to-use bookmark tool bar widget. Not only will it save you time finding and compiling all of the articles you’d like to read later, it will also present the material in a convenient, easy-to-read “newspaper” format that is free of advertising and other graphical distractions.


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