Join Author, Humorist and One Funny Mom Susan Konig and Host Nancy Lombardo for a Special Edition of Comedy Concepts on Blogtalkradio

Susan Konig began her career as a writer for Washington Post fashion editor Nina Hyde. There she wrote features for the paper’s Style section. She moved on to Seventeen magazine as a fashion, beauty and trends editor. She was also a columnist for the New York Post. Her articles and essays have appeared in numerous national publications including Ladies’ Home Journal, Travel & Leisure, First for Women and Parade. She is a regular columnist for AOL/ and Catholic Digest.

For two years, Susan was co-host of the popular “Speak Now … with Dave and Susan Konig” on Sirius Satellite radio with her Emmy Award-winning comedian husband Dave Konig.

Her first book Why Animals Sleep So Close to the Road (and Other Lies I Tell My Children) was called “brilliant, witty, and downright Bombeckian” by USA Today. Her follow-up I Wear the Maternity Pants in This Family was a Parade Pick in Parade magazine. Her next book: Teenagers and Toddlers Are Trying to Kill Me! from Willow Street Press in 2011.



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