Big Rock Candy Condo by Carole Kenyon – Featured Poem/Blog Posting at the DYSTENIUM Online Community

Sweet strains of Shpongle chorus float,

Sonic wings flutter

On warm, gentle, huggy bear breezes,

“Come, won’t you join me, my dear?

Let us recline a-top marshmallow cushions

In a Rainbow Cabana

On stardust shores

By sapphire seas,”

The chimp waiter is impeccable, wearing fuchsia tails and matching beret,

He serves our Gummy Coladas topped with kaleidoscope parasols,

The translucent jeweled umbrellas spin with the zephyr,

Mixing our chill-axing libations

Casting spectral showers of light shards

Dancing across our delighted retinas,

Bon Bon, our primate waiter,

Tells us the one about the Priest, the Rabbi and the Lawyer,

The punch line pleases,

We clap our benevolent approval

Chortling in delight,” a ha ha ha hah hmmm”.

You, my dear, are the perfect companion,

Hair piled and styled atop your stunning, classic features in

A brown-gold, grape bouffant,

I coiffed in scarlet-silver and raven braids

Coiled in figure eights across my head,

Our weight is target, our physiques,


Damn we have aged well!!

You meet my every witty comment with a snappy delicious come back,

It is time for the Chippendales to give us our mid-morning foot rubs,

“Careful for the pinky toe Lance, That tickles, he he he”

You and I raise our glasses in a toast

Resting our eyes on the well mannered, pleasant youths in clean, white Togas

As they rake the glittering sands into a Zen garden…

© CL Kenyon 4/09/2011

Carole writes: For Lori … my sister/cousin …

*Shpongle; ambient,world, psychedelic musical group – For more on Shpongle see Wikipedia


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