Wishing you and your family a safe, happy, healthy
and prosperous new year 2012!

3 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!


    light of love, joy and peace reel through heart
    yet radiance beacons soul to enlighten path
    journey to rejoice rungs of color by the walk
    as mortality sips inebriation to redeem.

    Heart respires to glow when deep in red
    as love of friend resolutes to resonate
    by a rave to sip the muse of awe divine
    yet endearing soul with bliss engrossing.

    blue seems to sprinkle by words of joy
    god of own serenades onto the eternity
    mirth within yet sates like dew over dawn
    I do remember grace of yours unequaled.

    do we ever know as wishes long to belong?
    entirety as when made of mortality sanguine
    friendship preens like beams promise to brighten
    as green verdure knows rungs of light on unison.

    earth knows myth of blessings by rise of sun
    as newness refreshes by wresting sorrows
    known from rucks of crowd sways to recall
    as symphony redounds to toll rusky rune over rust.

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