Posted by: dystenium | January 5, 2012

Join Barbara Garro and Friends at the DYSTENIUM Online Community

Barbara Garro - NY's Painter of Flowers

The Artist in Barbara Garro

In the 40 years Barbara Garro has created art in a variety of mediums, she has also been an author, actress, artist, Campbell Soup kid, consultant, coach, facilitator, grandmother, mother, Mother Goose, poet, risk manager, song writer, speaker, storyteller, teacher, ventriloquist, and writer.

Like 160 other writers, artists, editors and publishing friends, Barbara Garro is also a member of the DYSTENIUM LLC Online Community.

Join Barbara and share your work and information about your writing projects. To join the Community, click here.

See you there soon!



  1. Dear Barbara,
    I would like to invite you as a friend here as on Facebook. I have a poem on my homepage, but am new so I don’t know if it’s visible or in not then how and where to post it. Could you please help me

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