BRODERICK PROBE® Microelectrode/Biosensor Technology Receives South Korean Trademark Protection

The Broderick Brain Foundation is pleased to announce that the Korean Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) has issued a Certificate of Trademark Registration for the trademarked and patented BRODERICK PROBE® biosensor technology that facilitates intraoperative real-time imaging of the brain – Neuromolecular Imaging (NMI).

NMI images specific neurotransmitters, neurochemicals, cofactors, metabolites and/or precursors from the living brain, body and/or blood, in vivo, in situ and in vitro. Imaging of neurochemicals is performed by the BRODERICK PROBE® microelectrodes/biosensors. The biosensor operates by detecting current at potential differences, which are specific for each neurotransmitter and/or neurochemical. BRODERICK PROBE® microelectrode/biosensor and Broderick Biotechnology is comprised of a well-organized and developed system of biosensor formulations and analyzing capabilities (US Patents, 1989, 1995,1999; US Patent # 7,112,319 B2, Sept. 26, 2006, US Patent Pending, 2007).

Watch for publication of Neuromolecular Imaging: Introducing the BRODERICK PROBE® by Dr. Patricia A. Broderick (New York: 2012, forthcoming).


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