Curve of Mystery by Dr. Subhendu Kar – Featured Poem/Blog Posting At The DYSTENIUM Online Community

Photo "Dark Street" by Petr Krachtovil


quest wakes to know pattern of rose
light is embedded in vale of green
pine bleeds being chilled in snow
ultimate rung is warmth to adore

mystery curls into lattice of atom
shadow persists to pursue pattern
by promise, earth spins around sun
eyes sees making an angle with object

adoration is virtue of belongingness
bewildered earth meets rain in summer
to be or not to be is law of equivalence
light of love urges creation to enlighten.

by promise of hope night awakes to dream
soul serenades resolving vectors of reality
heart feels to admire crown of kingdom
nature remembers reasons to rebuild

© 2012 Dr. Subhendu Kar –  Join Subhendu and 200 other new writer, author and photographer friends at the DYSTENIUM Online Community


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