BEYOND YET ABOUNDING by Dr. Subhendu Kar – Featured Poem At The DYSTENIUM Online Community


oh what kind of glory of endearment,
life never does exist within and without,
wishes seems to soar beyond abounding,
haste sparkles like dew fed gold of dawn.

dream when divine runs into space less,
beneath and beyond time is still timeless,
by renewed joy heart spruces up onto kiss,
warmth rejoices in room of reeling ecstasy.

wounds of love inflicts upon hale of fascination,
bounty of beauty sloshes onto edge of longing,
instinct impulses to wake green swooned lone,
quest permeates rainbow of embedded colors..

art of elation lies in way of seeing object afar,
reflex is simply arcade of emitted gloss,
manifestation of image is arcane walk onshore,
oh queen of kingdom let me hold beauty to behold

© 2012 Dr. Subhendu Kar


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