Pen and paper by Avram Ohm

Pen and paper intimidate the mind
taunting and teasing the most profound
of intellects and the most creative
of thinkers

What truths, what churning thoughts,
what dark mysteries, what brilliant
discoveries exist in the space separating
a poised pen from the paper below?

Blank paper cries out to the pen

Fill me, fill me!
Cover me with your wisdom
Reveal to me the deepest
darkest secrets of your soul
and write, write, WRITE!
so that others may be spared
the pain of your experiences!
Pen, it is your duty –
Do not hesitate!

Go on!

Touch me, cover me with your ink!
Smear me with your thoughts!
Fill me up so that others
may read, read, READ!
and know, know, KNOW!

The pen touches the paper,
and the words, the thoughts,
the wisdom explode forth
with the force and fury
of a tidal wave
and the pen has lost control

Crazed, the pen jerks and scratches
across the paper spewing forth a torrent
of knowledge, wisdom and truth
smashing forever the void created
by prejudice and hate

Spent, the pen lies on the paper
and rests
and the cries have stopped

The paper is filled


One thought on “Pen and paper by Avram Ohm

  1. The rest of the pen inspires the fingers to explore and finds a craving on the laptop , ,
    The fingers enthusiasticaly crawls on the lap..
    A push on the centre of lock..
    A sound so gently whispers..
    the laptop opens naked diminishing an xtrodinary feeling in a rather profound manner,
    the vibration of the laptop ,
    open me up move me.
    Cries heard..
    come closer open me me..
    Whats holding you from exploring the hard naked world , the ppl .
    .touch me come more intimate on me…
    The observant fingers loughing..
    A rythm heard..
    i gonna check it out lapbaby..
    The fingers caresing the tabs
    Holds the laptop, looks around closely, remebering the rousted corn ..
    Menus flirting past the universe of digital ,
    Every curve of the monitor bewildered..
    A space so infinive inside as though outside..
    Exploring …explorin..
    We hear the chaos of both in a highly consensual collabration..

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