Spotlight on Amanda Haines of the Ohio Writers and Authors Group (OHWAG)

warm, spring days
in New York City’s
boroughs were
filled with sounds
of children playing
in courtyards –
splashing in puddles
from recently melted snow

plastic bats connected
with wiffle balls –
on baseball’s opening day,
commentary from
an 8-year old boy
with dreams
of making it in
the big leagues
echoed off brick
apartment building walls

unaware – in a few short
months, game six
of the 1986 World Series
was going to change baseball
history – would Shea Stadium
erupt sending Mets fans
onto the streets of Queens
victorious for the first
time since

rain poured, anticipation built –
game seven
proved worth the wait!

red socks were
hung out to dry
across blue & orange
country while
one little boy
would spend his lifetime
remembering the day
“the bad guys” became his heroes

until then,
puddle jumping
from base to base during
wiffle ball games,
an imaginary pennant,
and hearing
Vin Scully’s voice
“the Mets win it!!” –
would continue
on the walls
of his imagination

 © 2012 Amanda Haines


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