Things My Mother Told Me …

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Things My Mother Told Me About Being Uptight

See that guy over there? He’s as tight as Dick’s hatband. You know how tight that was?
It broke.

Things My Mother Told Me About The True Nature Of Real Beauty

Beauty’s only skin deep
Ugly’s to the bone
When old beauty fades away
Ugly holds its own

Things My Mother Told Me About Telling The Truth

Do the surprising thing. Do the unexpected thing. Tell the truth.

The First Step In Solving A Problem

The first step in a solution is to decide to solve the problem.

Avram Ohm On The Prospects For The US Economy

The sound of the US economy has gone from
ka-ching to ka-chong.

Avram Ohm On The Need For A Good Vacation

No matter what the travel agent tells you, Purgatory is not a vacation destination.