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It’s Wednesday morning, April 7, 2010, just after 9 a.m. When I was young kid slinging newspapers from his bike rain or shine about 40 years ago in order to earn money to save up to buy a dictionary – yes, a dictionary – I never dreamed that pocket size technology would exist that would permit anytime, anywhere access to the Oxford English Dictionary, much less the catalogs of the Library of Congress.

Accessing information remotely is truly remarkable, but what if technology existed that could simulate the actual look and feel of paper such that you would only need to buy one unfilled book and thereafter the myriad of pictures and text from any digital book could be streamed to it wirelessly on demand? Here, we’re not talking IPAD or Kindle or Sony Reader or Netbooks or anything similar. Rather, we’re talking about the next step in what could be the next stage on the trajectory of publication dissemination development – i.e., an actual manifestation of a book with pages that can be serendipitously flipped through while retaining the look and feel and intimacy with which books have always been associated.

Perhaps the wonders of nanotechnology hold the key to synthetic paper to which content can be wirelessly streamed, read and enjoyed, erased, and re-streamed continually with new content on demand. Perhaps every home will become a ‘paperless’ hub of the Library of Congress with nanotechnologically engineered books to which any content can be streamed.

Who knows? Well, one thing is for sure. If it happens during his lifetime, the person that was the boy on the bicycle won’t be surprised.

Don Odom

iPad has Wi-Fi problems, some users say

iPad has Wi-Fi problems, some users say
By Doug Gross, CNN

(CNN) — Users who rushed to snap up Apple’s iPad are complaining within days of the slate computer’s highly anticipated release that they’re having trouble connecting it to the Internet.

On Apple’s technical support Web site, there were 11 pages of comments Tuesday morning on a post saying Wi-Fi connections were weak or kept cutting out.

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Why Pay To Publish?


DYSTENIUM LLC - Publishing for The Third Millennium™

Why pay to publish? With DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™, as an author your only investment is your manuscript, and isn’t that investment, in and of itself, significant enough? To put it analytically, the manuscript is the independent variable. Without it, there would be no need for anything else – no publishing enterprise, no imprint, no editors, no typesetters, no marketing gurus – nothing! Traditional publishers seem to have lost sight of this. Within the publishing enterprise, the marketing group seems to think that it is marketing that should run the show. To employ a canine metaphor (and who doesn’t love dogs), the finance department seems to think that it is the finance and accounting function  that should be the tail that “wags the dog”.  And it goes on and on.

Your work is at the center of what we do …

At DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™, your manuscript is at the center of what we do. Instead of prescribing in advance how many color images your book can “have”, instead we ask the question “How many color illustrations does your book need.” The end price can always be adjusted to reflect this the unique reality that is your book.  At DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™, content is king.

What we’re not …

The Biblical admonition to “know thyself” is as important in publishing as it is in any aspect of life. Part of “knowing thyself” is knowing what thyself is not. Thus, let us underscore what  DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™ is not, and in doing so, may help illustrate who we are.

DYSTENIUM LLC – Publishing for The Third Millennium™ is NOT

* a pay-to-publish or “vanity press”

We’ll be be adding to the above list. But we thought this point was especially important to underscore.

All best,

Don & Jeremy